The adventures of Astrid and her Idiot.

YakYak's Snoot, Astrid and much to Astrids delight REBECCA!

   Sort of a long time ago in a town called Bridgewater Massachusetts a sailboat named Astrid was born. About eight, mostly oblivious years earlier, an idiot was also born. Born in Gloucester Massachusetts. The idiot had a thing for everything in, on, or under the water. Quite a while after those two events the two of us met in the hideous town of Key West and the rest is what winds up in this website.

Here's what you will find here:

  • Astrid's known history.
  • Boat porn, oh my... seriously not for the faint of heart.
  • Information about sailing in various places and the places themselves, in other words; adventure stories.
  • Log files, meaning this site will be used to keep logs, more on this below.
  • Other stuff. Like peppermint breath only worse.
  • Astrid's friends; Angel, Ingrid, Defiant, Sophia YakYak, SnootyFish, and Car 54.
  • Radio Free WaterWorld, bound to infuriate the water nazi's.

Its only three hundred degrees in the shade

Astrid is getting a good thorough cleaning again, each summer the heat goes berserk and things attempt to sprout. Icky things. There are a lot of projects, the steel plate under the mast step for example has problems, and there's some fiberglassing to do. She hasn't had an engine for years and is not going to have an internal combustion one ever again. I am/was (good god they are dangerous and expensive!) looking at a bank of lithium-ion batteries something like the equivalent of six or eight group 27's, this combined with a good electric motor and a bimini made of solar panels should do the trick. Neither of us want an engine, we want the space and we love the agility. Astrid can sail in tiny amounts of wind, as little as I can feel. If the wind is detectable we can move and steer. When its totally calm we have managed to sail anyway by using the current to generate apparent wind and could still steer. Very tricky stuff, but satisfying.

The only reason for a motor is harbors, harbors suck, docks supply cockroaches and other things that cause problems, people being by far the worst. The thing is neither of us are offended by solar powered electric engines and it could be a good thing, its silent, clean, and it gives me an excuse to have a shitload of power, something to go mad with!

That's all for the future, for now the projects are simple, paint her luscious butt, (and hull and topsides), replace woodwork, glass some stuff and fix that horrible plate under the mast.

After that the portholes get replaced, this is a scary project, it involves removing the old ones, glassing over where they were, cutting totally new and completely different holes and putting in the new ones. The new ones actually have the gall to need work. The indignity of it all. Then after that its a new rudder, I love this one but its bent and in the long run bent is bad. The autohelm doesn't care much but a wind vane will and that brings up another project: getting and installing a Cape Horn wind vane.

When all of this is complete it's time to get the fuck out of Dodge. Ireland by way of Boston, Gloucester and Rockport, then on to Iceland and then home at last, and Arthur better have something strong on hand or what ever hasn't gotten drunk on the way across will have to do.

Depending on the weather that could be very small indeed.

Created by Astrid and her idiot